Guardian's Alliance

Marble statue of guardian angel holding a spearThe Guardian's Crest emblem with a lion on a shield with wings and 3 swords crossed behind it.Marble statue of an angel pointing at the Guardian's Alliance heading

Contribute to Conservation Efforts

The Guardian's Alliance is a community of people that take action to protect their environment and those they share it with. Recieve the exclusive Guardians Print by pledging $99 that goes to the Conservation Action Fund - a subsidiary of the Rainforest Trust. An environmental charity that takes swift action to preserve the most vulnerable parts of the rainforest.

$99 charitable donation

In return for your donation

Receive a personalized certificate of membership featuring the Guardian's Crest - a symbol of protection and triumph to celebrate your good faith. This exclusive print will never be available to anyone outside the Guardian's Alliance.

The Guardian's Print in a nice frame on display on a deskDetail of the artwork Enchanted Ember
Background victorian pattern in blackBackground victorian pattern in black
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